Interactive workshop to discuss decarbonisation policies with key stakeholders

Date and time
Wed, June 1, 2022
9:30 AM – 13:00 PM CET

Kreuz Bern Modern City Hotel
Zeughausgasse 41, 3011 Bern, Switzerland


Fastest route from Bahnhof Bern railway station to Kreuz Bern Modern City Hotel on foot:

A policy inventory of existing and planned energy and climate policies of selected European countries, including Switzerland has been constructed and is available here. A handful set of important policies and innovative instruments for reaching the Net-Zero 2050 target has been derived from the inventory. As a next step, the POLIZERO team wants to understand the relevance, importance, feasibility, and barriers in implementing this set of policies in Switzerland. Close cooperation with stakeholders allows prioritization of these policies along with the criteria mentioned above and in view of meeting the Swiss pledges under the Paris Agreement.

The focus of the stakeholder workshop is to discuss and prioritise the policies in order to co-create realistic policy packages for Switzerland towards net-zero CO2 emissions in 2050. The outcome of the workshop will be used in the long-term energy systems modelling framework of POLIZERO to come up with alternate policy pathways that are also robust and account for uncertainties related to Swiss and European policy, economic, technical and societal context within the pathways are implemented.

The workshop will include two rounds of discussion tables in smaller groups on relevant policies for Switzerland. In each round, four discussion tables will run in parallel, and each table will discuss policies for one particular sector. This workshop is meant to be very interactive and it pursues an open dialogue between the POLIZERO team and the stakeholders.


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Engage, as a stakeholder, in the discussion of successful energy and climate policies in terms of their relevance, importance, feasibility and implementation barriers in Switzerland.
Contribute to the prioritization of policies to be implemented in the rigid modelling framework of POLIZERO.
Co-generate alternative energy transition pathways for Switzerland that implement the discussed policies and assess their impact on the energy system.

A provisional agenda for the workshop is presented below:

09:30-10:00 Welcome Coffee & Registration
10:00-10:10 Presentation of Workshop Goals & Objectives
10:10-10:25 Introduction of the POLIZERO Research Project
10:25-10:40 Presentation on European Energy & Climate Policies beyond 2020
10:40-10:50 Refreshment Break
10:50-11:35 Discussion on Relevant Policies for Switzerland based on Sectors
11:35-11:45 Refreshment Break
11:45-12:30 Continuation of the Discussion
12:30-12:40 Refreshment Break
12:40-13:00 Wrap-up & Reflections
  Complimentary Lunch