Energy and Climate Policy Inventory

As part of WP1, the POLIZERO Energy and Climate Policy Inventory, consisting of policy measures from Switzerland and major European countries, has been established. The inventory is based on open-access policy databases (e.g. IEA, Climate Policy Database, RES Legal, etc.) and outcomes from relevant Swiss and European projects and is presented in tabular format. For each country, relevant policy measures and contextual factors as well as key insights are presented.

POLIZERO Energy and Climate Policy Inventory.xlsx

For an overview of the POLIZERO Energy and Climate Policy Inventory and insights about our work so far, please find below our presentation for the Winter 2021 Semi-Annual ETSAP meeting:

Energy and climate policies in major European Countries: Insights from the POLIZERO project.pdf



The information and data provided in the inventory are open access according to the Creative Common License Option CC BY (


Please cite the inventory as:

Panos, E., Kleanthis, N., Tsopelas, I., Zhang, M., Flamos, A. (2021). Repository of co-identified policies and contextual factors for Switzerland and major European countries. Deliverable 1.2. Swiss decarbonisation pathways towards zero CO2 emissions (POLIZERO) project. Swiss Federal Office of Energy.


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